Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Silver Saints - The Beginning

After 6 years of preparation and training and 8 weeks of development, Silver Saints is about to go live. All the support I've received over the last few weeks from my friends and family has been very flattering and I thank them all.

When I started working for Redjacks six years ago, we wanted to revolutionise the handyman industry by offering a flexible, cost effective and friendly service. As we grew bigger these goals started to be pushed aside. When the company, now trading as 0800handyman, was sold in December 2007 these goals seemed to be forgotten by its new owners. They saw value in the brand that we had created and it seems that their goal was now to use that brand to franchise the service to other major UK cities.

As General Manager of 0800handyman when it was sold, I was forced to reflect on my current position in the Company and what direction I wanted the Company move in. It was clear that my vision and that of the new owners were not even close to being aligned. Thus I decided to leave 0800handyman and start my own London Handyman Service.

Learning from all the mistakes we had made in starting and growing Redjacks. I have set up a new handyman service called Silver Saints whose operations and policies are based on our original goals of providing flexible, cost effective and friendly service.

As with any small and growing company, we rely heavily on referrals and word of mouth. So please do tell all your friends and colleagues about our service, become our facebook friend and read our company blog regularly (readers are encouraged to leave comments on the blog)

Trading begins on 5th May 2008!


Managing Director