Friday, 15 October 2010

Draught Proofing Sash Windows

Professional Draught Proofing
As temperatures fall and wind speeds rise along with the price of fuel, it's time to consider plugging those gaps which are so often a feature of London's millions of sash windows.

Silver Saints Handymen have years of experience in maintaining sash windows and draught proofing is one of the services we offer to keep your home or office snug this winter.

We will professionally draught-proof your sash windows for an all-in price of only £95+vat per window.

We will dismantle your sash window and apply high quality draught-proofing materials to all surfaces which can admit draughts. We will then reassemble the window, make good and leave your window smart and draught-free.

The process of creating a draught proof window that is sealed on all 4 sides of both upper and lower sashes is as follows:

We take out the lower sash, into which we cut a shallow slot in the rear face of meeting rail (where it closes against the upper sash) and install a high performance brush-pile seal.
Removal of the lower sash is also necessary to allow removal of the two parting beads and replacement with new ones containing their own integral brush-pile seals. The final job is to fit compressible rubber seals to the top and bottom rails. The whole window is then reassembled – complete with new sash cords if required – rattle and draught free.
The cost to draught proof a sash window is £95+VAT, inclusive of both labour and materials.
To enquire further or to book a handyman to draught proof your sash windows call us on 0207 0999 199 or send an email to

We are very proud of our industry leading service: