Friday, 9 May 2008

Silver Saints first week.

Silver Saints, London’s newest handyman service, first week is coming to an end and all things considered I think we have got off to a great start. We have managed to sort out most of the teething problems we experienced over our first few days and aside from a few small changes required on our website we are pretty much where we want to be. Most important of all is all of the customers we have carried out jobs for this week are impressed with our service.

Every morning this week I have attended the job of a different Silver Saints handyman to take some pics of them doing what they do best for our website and each time I have been reminded of how experienced, knowledgeable, trustworthy and reliable our handymen are and I’m always impressed with how the guys handle our customers with such professionalism.

I dropped another 400 leaflets in the Kensington and Chelsea area this morning and although most people will think this a fairly primitive form of advertising I think it is a good way to help get our name out there. You rarely see an immediate return from leafleting and if you do it is usually very small though my hope is that people will see the leaflet and if they don’t have any handyman jobs they want doing right away they will think of it as a useful contact and keep it for when they do need handyman jobs done. Luckily our sophisticated booking and scheduling software allows us to track where each and every job comes from so hopefully we will start seeing some sort of return over the next few weeks.

They say you can on average expect a return of between 1 and 3% on leafleting and, after this mornings drop, we have dropped 2500 leaflets since Monday so fingers crossed we can expect at least 25 extra bookings on top off all of the bookings we would have already taken from our fantastic website . Only time will tell!

Need a job doing?

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