Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Toilet and Sink Unblocking

One of the more specialist jobs our London Handymen take on is the clearing of blocked toilets, blocked sinks and blocked urinals. We have specialist equipment for dealing with blockages which means that 90% of blocked toilets, sinks and urinals can be cleared in 60 minutes.

We have had three unblocking jobs recently which deserve a mention.

The first was a blocked toilet for a regular customer. He had gone away on a business trip and left his two sons, who are 18 and 17 years old respectively, to look after themselves at home as they themselves were on school holidays. Just like you would expect any self respecting teenagers to do when their parents have left them alone for an extended period of time......they through a house party! It was three days later that the housekeeper discovered the guest toilet was blocked. Not a pleasant job to go to but we managed to unblock the toilet before the father returned home.

The second job was a bit more pleasant. A young mother had called us to unblock a toilet which had a history of becoming blocked. Unfortunately despite prior instruction, their housekeeper had flushed kitchen towel down the loo which resulted in the toilet becoming blocked. It was an easy job to clear the blockage, but it was also easy to see why the problem was occurring. The toilet was offset from the waste pipe. In order to overcome this problem, the bathroom fitters had cobbled together two 35 degree pan connectors. Unfortunately this was resulting in the waste having to make to fairly sharp turns through the pan connector before it entered the waste pipe and hence the frequent occurrence of blockages.

The third job was a blocked sink which also had a history of frequent blockages. Because the homeowner had been ripped off by a specialist drain clearing company a few months ago he was hesitant to call any other professional sink unblocking service and instead attempted to clear the blockage himself using various DIY plungers, rods and chemicals. Having been unsuccessful in his attempts he left on honeymoon, choosing to deal with the blocked sink on his return. By the time he called Silver Saints the blockage had been sitting undisturbed for three weeks. We managed to clear the blocked sink in about 45 minutes using an array of specialist drain clearing tools. But the smell that wafted from the drain pipe when we removed the u-bend will haunt my dreams for eternity.

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