Thursday, 19 March 2009

Aqualisa Shower Repairs

Aqualisa is one of the most common and popular shower manufacturers in the UK. They do make a wide range of quality shower valves and have been on the forefront of shower technology for the last few decades.

However given the harsh water conditions that these shower conditions are exposed to in London they do need servicing and repairing. All our Silver Saints handymen have many years in dealing with all the most common shower faults. Given the prevalence of Aqualisa showers in the UK we have repaired and service hundreds of their valves over the years.

The most common faults that thermostatic shower valves develop are either a constant drip through the shower head or they fail to hold a steady temperature. Both these faults are easily repairable.

If you have an Aqualisa shower that needs repairing or servicing please give us a call on 0207 0999 199 or visit our dedicated shower repair webpage:

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