Thursday, 16 October 2008

Blocked Toilet

Silver Saints is London's premier handyman service, one of the many jobs we specialise in is the clearing of blocked toilets.

Toilet unblocking in London has given me plenty of stories to blog about. This morning I went to a property in East London. On entering the property the customer told me that it was a clean job and that he knew why the toilet was blocked. On enquiring further he confessed that he had flushed a cucumber down the toilet and it had obviously become stuck.

On hearing this I thought I was in for a complicated process of trying to retrieve the cucumber from somewhere in the waste pipe. But luckily I was able to blast it free after about fifteen minutes of trying.

One of our handymen, Roger, had less luck when trying to clear a blocked toilet in Croydon recently. The customer had tried to flush an old rag down the toilet and it had become stuck in the soil stack. Roger had to use a 10m auger to pull the rag down the pipe to an access point where he could remove the rag by hand. Unfortunately, the rag was followed by everything that was backing up behind the blockage.

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