Friday, 17 October 2008

Office Maintenance

Silver Saints is fast becoming London's premier handyman service. A large percentage of the work we undertake is in offices. It's no longer necessary for companies to have a dedicated maintenance contract. Whenever companies have odd jobs like whiteboards that need hanging, light bulbs that need changing, toilets that aren't flushing or desks that are wobbly. They can just give Silver Saints a call.

We will send one multi-skilled handyman who can take care of all the bits and pieces around the office and we only charge for the time we are on-site.

We always have a handyman in the City and West end which means that we can almost always get to companies within a day or two.

Also, all our handymen have had successful professional careers themselves and therefore understand working in an office environment and the importance of customer service. I think this one of the main reasons many companies are turning away from their usual tradesman style maintenance engineers in favour of our smart, flexible handymen who always arrive with a 'can do' attitude.

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